Test drove the new G82 M4 Competition


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Aug 10, 2011
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I got to test drive the new M4 Competition.

It was a Tanzanite blue G82 with Silverstone/Black two tone interior. I had the car for just over an hour. I drove it on a variety of roads including town driving, country roads and the motorway. I thought the Tanzanite blue looked superb especially in the sunshine. I looked at the front grill and I didn't like it. It seems to blend in better with dark colours than lighter. It may grow on me in time

The interior is really nice. The standard seats are super comfy and the general quality of the interior is very good. In my opinion the tech is way ahead of Porsche and the heads up display was excellent. There is surprisingly good leg room in the back but if you are over 6 foot I think the sloping roof line will make it a tad uncomfortable for you. I didn't get to sit in a car with the carbon buckets but I suspect I would struggle with these as a daily car.

The car drove well and was I think a leap forward. Even though the car is heavier I honestly couldn't tell while driving. The steering is sharp and responsive. I thought the ZF box was a little slower changing compared to the out going DCT in the F82 generation. The gear changes are super smooth. In D3 and S3 the gear changes were very quick and I thought spot on. I was surprised at how the car grips the road and gets the power down. There is none of the traction problems of the F82 when you tried to get the power down. You can program the M1 and M2 buttons to your preferences as usual. On the motorway it could be a comfortable cruiser and eat up the miles or press the M button and it's an absolute beast. The brakes are very good and give you a lot of confidence. I thought the exhaust sound was not as good as the F82 generation but not bad considering all the regulations.

In my opinion the overall package is a massive step forward and mighty impressive. If you asked me would I buy one I would say no as I think it's over priced and that grill! If you are in the market for a new M car then give it a test drive and decide for yourself.


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