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    "Dear Friends,

    We are writing to thank you for supporting Shelter to continue to provide vital services and projects to help people across the country who are in desperate housing need. Without your support we would be unable to help the 170,000 people who seek our advice and support each year.

    People such as Nathan, a father of two, who was dealt a severe blow after he was made redundant and found he could no longer afford the rent. Nathan's landlord piled on extra pressure by
    threatening him with eviction from the property he had been renting for years.
    Nathan was gripped by fear when he arrived at court to face proceedings that would have led to the loss of his home. He did not know where to turn. But thankfully, Shelter was there to help.

    Shelter advisers pleaded with the judge to stay the eviction order. We spoke to the landlord on his behalf and reached an agreement for the rent arrears to be paid.
    Today, Nathan is living happily in his home. Thanks to the donations from people such as you, he can go on looking for a job and restore his family's prospects.

    As we face one of the worst recessions and a housing crisis our services such as our free advice helplihe and our housing support services will be in more demand than ever and so on behalf of ~--
    Nathan and the thousands of people like him, thank you for your generosity.

    Once again, thank you so much for supporting Shelter with your generous donation of £120.00 - we won't be stopping until everyone has a home. Yours sincerely"

    This money was donated by you the members of MBClub UK. See below for the original thread.

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