Mercland Thanks to mercland for car and great service

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Nov 22, 2008
Leeds, West Yorkshire
E280CDI SPORTS ESTATE and C200 KOMPRESSOR SE Coupe Auto (1.8 lit petrol)
In March I bought a car from Jay at Mercland.
Year 2009 - E280 CDI Sports Auto Estate ... 3.0 litre V6 engine.
I spotted it on the Forum and went specifically to buy it for personal and business use.
I test-drove it with one of Mercland's helpful staff and drove it home.
Car was well-presented and I was happy with the deal.

Unfortunately (These things happen !) it was quickly evident that all was not well ... Poor acceleration and intermittent engine light.

I e-mailed Jay with the symptoms.
Following apologies - Mercland sent a driver to collect the car and sort it without any hesitation.
A faulty turbo was diagnosed.
A new turbo was fitted with a two-year guarantee.
Jay suggested they keep the car and run it for two or three days to check everything was OK.
I agreed.
Car was returned me.
Since then, I have completed 3000+ miles and the car has run perfectly.

Good communications ... No arguments ... Excellent service.
I am impressed !!

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