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Nov 5, 2011
east london
c220 cdi w204
Have had the EML light coming on and off for the past year, this related to the wonderful DPF. Richard looked at the stored codes and the soot content which was 190% and suggested using Forte dpf cleaner. As he had none in stock advised me where to pick some up local to him. This was on the 23rd.
Put the Forte into the tank on Xmas day for a drive up to Scotland and the eml light came on as I got on the M11. For about 20 minutes I drove at 3500rpm as recommends by Richard. Fuel consumption went up and you could hear the car was doing a regen. The eml stayed on all the way up but went out when starting the car the next day for the trip back.
Went back today and Richard put it back on star and it showed the filter had no soot.:)
I would highly recommend Richard for his helpfulness and very reasonable prices.

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