The A42 - 'The *Wild* West Midlands'


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Mar 28, 2021
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Yeah....their system works really well....which is why they have about ten times the road death rate per capita of the UK!
This link below is interesting. All of those that think we have such a low driving standard might like a look at it.......based on deaths alone we are about the four safest country (so that would tend to be reflected in driving standards) in the World to drive in. I was surprised that the USA is so bad too....about 5 times our road death rate. You can separate male and female drivers on this site too....quite interesting results!!....but I only am comparing all drivers.

Its true however there are 1.6 billion of them most of whom live in the back of beyond and have no street lights or schooling or road safety training or experience, they also use the road as a walkway at night without any lights and a lot of them actually lie down and sleep on the road as its clean and flat.
Bear in mind that Karma rules all so if its there time so be it, life as we know it is a suffering to be tolerated because the next existence will be better as long as they live this one well.

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