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Mar 29, 2005
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Totally hooked on The Apprentice.. but its coming to an end.

Who do you think will win?

I had my hopes on James or Tim.. but it seems Sir Alan decided James was too posh for his show.. perhaps rightly so. I think he wants someone to walk into the job and feel they've achieved something amazing with the six figure salary.

So now its only Saira and Tim left.

Though i haven't been impressed by Tim that much I think he'll pull out a last minute cracker and get the job done. But for me.. Saira is just too gobby.. and would prove to be a difficult person to get on with.

Any other addicts out there?

For those wondering what the hell i'm talking about, you can see the repeat on Sat night on BBC2.. and the final next week Wednesday on BBC2 at 9pm. Or you can look at this The Apprentice

For everyone else who is in the know.... whats your thoughts on the last two contestants?!?! :rolleyes:
saira seems a typical overachiever - i get the impression (and it is an impression as we dont know all that mmuch about their background) she has achieved better results than she possibly should of done over the years (your typical works very hard to make up for not having the natural ability of some) and this has given her far to much confidence and faith in her ability. This can be seen in the way she tends to shout everyone down in group activities and finds it difficult to shoulder the you say -----> she is gobby - hence the reason she is still there, for entertainment value, after all it is still a tv show.

Due to this Tim will surely win? IMHO

Glad i have never worked with Saira! Although there are plenty of them in the City!
hmm , we are left with two morons ...

ahh well , its not even worth watching now.
I originally thought that James and Paul would be the finalists. However, after seeing Wednesday's episode I realised quickly that Paul was on his way and so was James. The telling comment from Paul was 'I've had my collar felt twice'. He then went on to say one was for a public order offence! Sir Alan then asked James why he wanted to take such a pay cut! Clearly James had a higher earning potential than what was being offered and as the panelists stated, I think he had an alternative agenda. After all how was he going to get to Brentwood towers in his Aston Martin. I wouldnt be surprised if he was actually only there for a bet with his mates!

So it has to be Tim. Saira (aka the Gob) is just too much of a big mouth. The clue for me was when that bloke who was the CEO of Rock investments said 'If you are looking for a gem, then its Tim' This was endorsed by another of those panelists. I think that after everything that has gone on, Sir Alan will go with that comment. He's a person who looks for raw talent which can be nurtured and moulded. Thats Tim. Saira wont listen to him and wont be told. She thinks she knows it all.

Its shame they booted Miriam out the week before because she was better than Paul. Paul should have gone about two weeks ago. I'm really glad that Adel went. She was the worst bits of Saira and a really bad attitude wrapped up together.

I admire Tim as he is clearly (as Sir Alan put it) ' A glorified manager of a ticket office'. To get this far in the face of some dogged determined ruthless people, he has done very well. It make me laugh because there were a few characters who had convinced themselves that they were going to win. James, Paul and Ben to name a few. To see their faces when they left (especially Paul) was funny. James conducted himself like a true gent though. Paul was just gobsmacked that he'd been rejected! Hilarious.

Great viewing and I hope they do a second series with a better choice of contestants.
There's not many shows that we get to sit down together and watch, but The Apprentice is one of them.

Did think Paul was going to win, but Tim has to bag it now.

We were united though in finding Saira THE ... MOST ... ANN-OY-ING ... PER-SON ... IN ... THE ... WORLD
I think the turning point for Paul was when Sir Alan said, "i see a lot of me in you".. i think that line just got to his head and he thought he was a favourite.

Had the interviewing gone well, i think he would have had a chance.. but like its been said.. he just said a load of cods wallop.

I wonder if the bookies are taking any more bets!

also... i think this alone is worth the license fee...well done the BeeB!
I knew I shouldn't have opened this thread - I haven't watched this week's yet........
nickg said:
I knew I shouldn't have opened this thread - I haven't watched this week's yet........

Sorry mate.. i thought all apprentice fans stopped everything they were doing on Wednesday nights just to keep up with the series :D
Alfie said:
Its shame they booted Miriam out the week before because she was better than Paul.
Yes I agree, infact I thought she might win the whole thing.
Out of the two finalists, I'm routing for Tim.
Miriam was my favourite of the bunch but out of the two that are left I hope Tim wins.
I see Sir Sugar is on a chat show tonight (can't remember which one though) so I might look in on that if I can find it.
I really hope Saira doesn't win. She is so rude and nasty and turns on the taps when it suits!! She blames everyone else for her own failings. Come on Tim!! :bannana:
del320 said:
Jonathon Woss
Cheers, saves me searching the channels.
I actually didn't think much of Sir Alan before this show.. but now i actually like his style. I think he's another winner in all this.

I think i'm with the others in saying that Miriam was wrong to go.. i guess Paul was given another chance ... but flunked when he started speaking out of his @$$.. oh well, his loss.
Totally absorbing progamme! I can't belive that I was watching The Apprentice instead of the football but then I have watched every episode - It's the only reality TV show that packs a punch. Alan Sugar is very watchable and he will be on Johnathon Woss tonight by the way.
One question I have is why did Paul go on the show if is a Property millionaire? Or was that just Bulls**t? He never gave a proper answer to that question and I would have fired him for that reason alone. Saira is way too unprofessional to cut it. She may be over confident and bossy but thats not enough and who one earth could work with her?
d1st.. i tell u.. me, my wife and brother and his wife.. all sitting watching the show said exactly the same thing about Paul.

I think he's either talking a load of rubbish, or is in some kind of property share scheme of which he owns 0.0001%. He just doesn't seem like the type of person who has had that kind of money.. if i remember rightly.. he didn't wear that many suits.. and usually the same ol' tie. maybe i'm looking into this too much lol
haha... now thats funny :D

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