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Apr 23, 2003
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The Best Motor Insurance Policies

By Cliff D'Arcy (TMFCliff)
April 8, 2005

Independent financial research company Defaqto has released the results of its latest annual survey into motor insurance. Researchers analysed 150 comprehensive private car policies from 109 different providers, ranking each by 37 separate product features to produce a list of sixteen top policies.

What is interesting is that several big-name motor insurers known for their competitive premiums failed to get the full five stars in Defaqto's one- to five-star rating. Market-leading insurers such as Churchill, Direct Line and Esure may well offer lower premiums, but their policies didn't make the top grade when Defaqto applied its unique "Data Numerical Analysis" (DNA) scoring system to the features and benefits of their cover.

Indeed, although the average DNA score was 112 points and the lowest mark was 62 (yikes!), three policies scored 166 out of a possible 185 points (a cracking 90% pass mark!). For the record, here are the top sixteen five-star policies with the highest DNA ratings:

Provider Product
Cornhill Direct Motor Insurance
Frizzell Motor Insurance
Key Choice* Car Solutions
Land Rover Insurance Motor Insurance
Liverpool Victoria Motor Insurance
Marks & Spencer Car Insurance
Mercedes-Benz Insurance Car Insurance
NFU Mutual* Car Policy
Norwich Union* Private Car Gold
Royal & SunAlliance* Drive
SAGA Private Motor Insurance
Telegraph Insurance Services Motor Insurance
Volvo Owners Insurance Private Motor
What Car? Insurance Motor Insurance
Zurich* Car Solutions
Zurich* Fifty Plus Solutions
* these policies are available via general insurance brokers.

By shopping around, motorists can find excellent policies at competitive prices, not only direct from insurers, online and via brokers, but also from carmakers. It's worth noting that several motor manufacturers offer attractive cover, particularly up-market marques such as Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz and Volvo. What's more, these manufacturer policies aren't exclusive to owners of these named cars – other drivers can get cover from these insurers, too.

So, the next time that you receive your renewal notice and start shopping around, bear in mind that policies with ultra-low premiums may let you down when you come to claim. Ask the following questions:

Does this policy offer a courtesy car as standard?

What are the excesses for accidental damage, fire and theft, windscreen repair and replacement, and claims from young drivers?

What cover is available for personal belongings, loss of keys and theft of keys?

Are breakdown/rescue cover and a free legal advice helpline included?

What level of no-claims discount protection is offered?

What cover is available for non-manufacturer-fitted SatNav equipment?

How many days of free foreign travel are included as standard?

So, beware of choosing your car insurance on price alone, because you may find that you've bought "budget" or "cut-down" cover!


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Mar 12, 2005
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Several of those policies are effectively the same.
Liverpool Victoria/Frizzell/What Car are certainly the same thing (I'm insured with them).
Merc insurance is with NU, and I imagine Land Rover, Saga, Telegraph & Volvo will be underwritten by 'proper' insurance co's.

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