The Coachmakers Annual Banquet

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Dec 19, 2005
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There does seem quite a leap between the coachmakers and harness makers banquet and the Le Mans 24 hour race.
But the coach making industry moved through the centuries to become the automotive industry and British drivers and cars have had some real success in ‘the greatest race’. It is often said that Le Mans is actually a British race which just happen to be held in France.
However, I was lucky enough to be invited to the Guildhall on Tuesday evening to a celebration of 100 years of success of the Brits in this great race hosted as the Coachmakers Banquet.
I can honestly say I have never attended a more spectacular meal. The setting, the food, the entertainment, the attendees and pomp were all on a level from a bygone age of opulence.
I was joined on our table by the former Racing Director of Bentley, my friend Martin Brundle and motor journalist Steve Cropley. Apart from the other British Le Mans cars outside the building was another of my old friends on the stage inside, the 2003 Le Mans winning Bentley.


There were six British Le Mans winners in attendance and only one who I hadn't worked with. Richard Attwood won in a Porsche 917 in 1970 when I was still at school!
The Coachmakers have been responsible for some spectacular vehicles, like this one used recently by our new king.

Royal-Gold-State-Coach-Buckingham-Palace-London-2022.jpg copy.jpg
I have played a small part in the success of four different British brands at Le Mans, but none quite as successful as Porsche. I feel it is only respectful to the early British coachmakers that I should run gold wheels on my Porsche….
I certainly didn't wake up the following morning with a hangover, the wine was 'Old Bentley No. 8' but I'm just not sure I haven't been cursed with numerical symmetry :dk:

jpeg 666.....and then the numbers below....


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