The coupe has landed...

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Oct 19, 2009
Audi RS5
Car delivered at 11.20 this morning. Absolutely stunning! The metallic white is more pearlescent than metallic. The interior is a dark red (photos make it look far brighter than reality).

Panoramic sunroof is great (but obviously not used today).

Nav50 is just what I wanted so not worried about not having comand.

Pressed the 'sport' button - that could happen a little too often...


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Just when we thought all the snow and holly berries had gone....:)
Looks great on a dull day and should be better in the sun. Congrats!:thumb:
The car also has the new wing mirrors (I think) mentioned in an earlier thread somewhere - which I have decided suit the car quite well ;)
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Very nice! :D

Badge-less too (apart from the blue efficiency badge?)

Youre making me wonder about my wing mirrors now, whats the difference??
(Wing Mirrors) oh wow, thats strange? just checked mine and it has the curved ones. My car is only a month old, why would they be changing the wing mirror shapes like this? I would have understood if there was a difference in 250/350 but its the practically the same car apart from the colour.
looks lovely. and a nice backdrop for the photos too.
bluevenetian. I'll buy it off you five years after that.

thebook. Excellent colour combo. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoyl What a way to start the New Year.
Love it :thumb:

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