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Nov 14, 2009
W140 S320L, 1997, Black with Black Bird's Eye Maple trim
May be useful to give some idea to people about what MPGs what cars achieve, and what style of driving brought it about

I'll start:

1997 W140 S320L - 13mpg currently, mainly urban but a couple of trips on a motorway a week
2010 C63, 7.2mpg, driving style = hard.

Ha Ha

Smoke that Dieselman!
211 E-Class Estate I6 3.2 CDi

200 mile round trip - mostly motorway at 75 (cruise control). 38 mpg displayed on-screen, 38.5 mpg calculated (I happened to fill the car at the beginning and top it up at the end).

What impressed me most was the accuracy of the on-board computer. What disappointed me most was that the on-board computer was accurate - I had always hoped it was pessimistic.
1999 w202 c230k 5sp auto London=20mpg, Motorway long distance=35mpg, German autobahn=28mpg, best ever Grand St Bernard - Genoa 42mpg (downhill).
1994 s124 e300d 4sp auto London 30mpg, Motorway long distance=40mpg, best ever London - Brecon=45mpg (being very frugal).
2008 C200cdi over the last year 40mpg, mixed driving a few short 3 mile runs, mixed road motorway at 70mph, try to anticipate to avoid the use of brakes, best was a few days ago with a round trip to Warwick which showed this on the OBC, I'll see whether it was accurate when I next fill up at my 1/4 tank usual point.

200k CLK, short trial only as I've only had it 5 days. 36.9 on the motorway run from Essex to Lancashire with cruise set at 80. This week on my work commute which is 7.5 miles each way on a & b roads its dropped to an average of 32.5 since I bought it.

I plan to start using the Fuelly app/site to track the fuel usage more accurately.
C350 CDI getting about 40 MPG combined and I don't usually drive like my hair is on fire nowadays. To be fair I would like to increase it if possible.
I average 24mpg in my SL500.
2001 w203 C320 petrol - 30 mpg avg, 52 mile commute, mainly crusing on B roads at 60 mph with some kickdown overtakes, plus a bit of town/city driving.
2003 E55 - average over about 10,000 miles 18.0 mpg
Worst was 7 on a busy commute.
Best 31.5 mpg with the cruise set at 58mph
CLK320 average 28mpg on a mix of country and A roads. Will easily see 32 at 90 leptons on long motorway journey. Shockingly my 997 does similar on a commute, maybe 26mpg but its not far off. I have seen 17 in the CLK whilst onm a somewhat spirited run :)
2004 E320 CDi Estate.

35.6mpg average over 13,000 miles.

Best return, 375 round trip between East London and Manchester (including the traffic chaos) was 49.1mpg

Worst, East to West London in rush hour was 17mpg.

Did a tank to tank brim last week. 600 miles to my 80 litre tank. 8 mile trip to work (Milton Keynes) each day for two weeks, a trip to and from London and one way to Hertfordshire returned 34.4mpg from the calculation and 34.8 on the trip computer.
My 211 E200k has only been averaging 24 mpg ,thats on a 10 mile each way commute mostly B roads .
Best ever was 32 mpg on long motor way run with cc at 75 .
Im hopin this will improve as the head gasket was gone since iv had the car and his has just been changed
13.5 mpg on my W208 55 AMG in south west London daily...average speed 10mph ;(
E320cdi W211 Estate.

30mpg round town on cold starts.

40mpg on motorway runs.

48mpg on steady 50-60mph runs.

35ish mpg average over the last 18 months and 40000 miles.

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