The Overfinch Holland & Holland Range Rover of Top Gear fame

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Surly the gun cabinet and the replenishing drinks cabinet are the key things of a Holland & Holland?
No mention of what engine it has?!

Incredible to expect anyone to spend £90k on the basis of that writeup.
This is what I am talking about


The whole point and where most of the money was spent.
Also from memory did they not come with a brace of guns?

And they need to come in Holland and Holland Green
Buy it and watch in awe as your £90k turns to £40k in only 3 years !
36,000 miles doesnt sound that fresh its only a range rover not a merc:dk:
agree about the write up
who would part with 90k to a salesman with that patter
crikey for half that you might even be spoken to nicely;)
Buy it and watch in awe as your £90k turns to £40k in only 3 years !
On an old model? In 3 years there will be lots of new range rovers around and this will be under £20k.
Ive seen holland one on the p38 model about 4 years ago was 6k.
^^^Yes but this is number 1 of 100 and even David Beckham didn't have number 1 of 100.

The gun rack is the only thing I really remember about that Rangie.

USP disappeardo.

I also would be interested to know what engine - says nothing about spec.

What a waste of time.
It *should* be a 5.0 V8 petrol, if my memory serves me correct.

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