The Single Best Feature Of Your Car

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Dec 28, 2007
Volvo V90 D5 AWD
Just a bit of fun on a dreary Autumn night.

I'll start:

On mine, it's the exhaust note.

Before I bought, I'd read about people turning off the sound system and winding the windows down.

I totally get it now :thumb:.

What's your best feature?

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ILS on the work horse... and distronic when I have it...

V8 punch in the toy :)
Smooth, quiet power....:):)
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The yellow triangle.
The friends I've met from this forum.
Styling on my SL. It's utterly gorgeous

Or, the feel-good factor it gives me.
The ability to watch porn on the move with DVD in motion
The power tailgate- At first I wrote it off as a needless gimmick---- now --best thing about the car.;)
ABC... The look on peoples faces when your sat at the traffic lights and you drop the suspension is priceless.
Being very fast (by any normal standards) whilst having a massive boot.

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