The Single Best Feature Of Your Car

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Previously on the pre-facelift S500 it was Nightview Assist - very eerie at first but bloody brilliant once you're used to it.

But on this facelift W221 it's the adaptive headlights and high beam assist - also bloody brilliant and so clear and bright.

Can't wait to have a go in the W222 and see what the full LED lights are like.
Single best feature of our ML is the driver!

(Mrs D, not me!)

Not a feature, but the single 'thing' I like best about our ML is that there's nothing it can't do, except squeeze into small parking spaces!!
The huge carrying capacity with the seats down , but still a lovely drive when fully loaded
The Smart - Achieving 75mpg in London rush hour commutes without even trying.

The R129 - The exhaust note with the roof down.
A seasoned pervert like yourself should applaud this

Funny thing is, I've still got the 84 DVD's (50 in the original boxes) left by a vacating tenant a few years ago.

Nobody wants them since XHamster came along.

I wonder if I could list them in the classifieds section on here? ;)
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SBC H. Perfect for all the time I spend stationery on the M1.
Closely followed by the super smooth automatic gearbox:thumb:
The V8 woofle

Hi flow cats and AMG exhaust help ;)
the arch that starts from the front wing and continues all the way in to the rear lights
/\ no rust at all on my CLS !!

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