The Single Best Feature Of Your Car

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The digital TV when endlessly providing taxi services for my teenage daughters and forever having to wait for them.
developer215 said:
Funny thing is, I've still got the 84 DVD's (50 in the original boxes) left by a vacating tenant a few years ago. Nobody wants them since XHamster came along. I wonder if I could list them in the classifieds section on here? ;)
Alas these days my dreams are dry and my farts are wet.
430CLK the V8 Deep rumble even on Light throttle at 30 and the sound on StartUp
E320 CDI 47MPG on the A14 on a car that Size! complete with Turbo Go
C240 The V6 growl when its booted in and about suburbia without the scenery reeling in too scarily
W124 Teutonic Driving experience oozes Germanic Character solidity and functionality you feel part of MB History in the Driving seat.
My ego says the star on the bonnet.

My back says the seats.

My inner child says the cubic inches!
Just the actual look of it, its 10 years old but still turns heads (when its clean ;) )

Only this week a member off PistonHeads asked me to contact him if I ever sell it :D
The 126... The way it wafts along. 80mph (where aloud) at 2600rpm in silence.
The 124... The balance of the chassis and its handling are totally at odds with the way the car is perceived.
This may sound weird but on older mercs such as a 107 or 126, I really like the way the wipers sweep across the screen. :bannana:

Yes I know I will shut up now.
Hah! I can beat all of you.
Best thing on my trio - oddly, it's not something on the R129...
it's the middle sun visor on the W124's.

There's something hypnotic about those double wipers on R107's and W116's...
It starts when I turn the key :D older motorists will understand this.
Changing up @ seven and a quarter! No turbo, no S/c, no VVT, just good old rev's.
Hello! Very good phrases Buckacalm

A clean fast is better than a dirty breakfast. InhavyDancy
I had to think about this quite hard - I love my (C124) E320 coupe, and its the driving experience above all that I enjoy: I can't identify a single feature that accounts for it, but if I have to choose a single word its that absolute "rightness" of it all.

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