The Single Best Feature Of Your Car

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The stereo, the grunt, auto tailgate, comfort, & loadspace.
The ability to raise mine above the level of the floods and part the waters to let me through.
X is for Exodus and M is for miracle.
The lovely ride on my W124, the way the doors shut on the W126, and the wipers on them both!
The sound when starting the engine from cold.

What an explosion, still makes me grin, not sure the neighbours agree! :).
speed limiter when I visit London.
This is the one feature I miss most when I drive other cars - especially with all the cameras around. Some cars 'beep' when you exceed the limit but AFAIK, the merc is the only one that has the 'hard' limiter. A license saver.
Smooth power from my 2.8 V6 motor and rust free body.
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When my lovely wife is in the Passenger Seat, ( That should do the Trick );)
The S-Class for earning me lots of money so I can afford to run the CL ;)

The CL for it's wonderful design and to many things to mention.

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