The SL is packed and full of premium fuel for a trip to the North tomorrow!

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Jan 23, 2022
SL 500
Weather forecast looks iffy, but this is year 4 of trying to get to York !

Mrs PC wants to go, and the trip was cancelled twice due to COVID restrictions and last year because Mrs PC had COVID ! Good news is that we now have the SL500 so it will be a comfortable 4.5 hour trip, and we are both well .....

Car has been detailed, fluids checked, tryes checked, The bespoke 'SL' luggage we purchased from Bagworld is packed for the week ....

Should be a good trip.
Enjoy your trip weather's not that bad ive been in Scarborough all weekend and its been lovely especially watching
Race the waves on Bridlington beach ⛱️
Hopefully your trip will be as easy as my drive back from Pontefract on Saturday. Traffic was really good.

How do you find the luggage? Thinking of something for the CLS.
Just be aware there is road works on the A1 at pontefract (contraflow in place)
Hi All,
Firstly had a great time in York! Loved it... The BagWorld Luggage was the perfect size for a week away ( Including Mrs PC's stuff ) ...
However it was quite an adventure getting there, especially when we reached the A1 roadworks ....

Long story short, sat in the two lanes of traffic not moving, the first warning flashed up! Then the consumer unit offline flashed up, then the radio came up with 'start engine or the command system will turn off' ..... B*gger i thought to myself, the alternator must have decided to fail.... Sigh
Anyway had to keep crawling forwards and entered to one lane section, Now my pulse was up! Carried on for another 20 minutes or so then STOP! Brake Failure popped up, no rev clock or speedo.... and a very loud BONG BONG sound.... luckily i found the entrance to a small track and dived into it before the engine stopped.

Even longer story shortened - Rang the AA, spent 15 minutes trying to explain where i was, they could not locate me with the 'find me' app.... patrol sent out, an hour later the free recovery arrived and closed the A1 to load me and tale me to Ferry Bridge services? .... The AA rang to say that the driver had seen me, and had to keep going..... blah blah blah!

Kudos to the next AA man, he found me, swapped my boot battery with his spare, found out that there is a Mercedes Indie in York and we raced to get there by 5.30 ( we had 32 miles to go and it was 4.30! )
We made it by the skin of our teeth, the AA man took us to our hotel and Richard Hollings MB specialist sorted me out by Wednesday morning ..... New alternator ....Sigh

Trouble free for the remainder of the trip!
All in All a very good week away with minor hiccups 🙂
Yes indeed!! In fact i ignored the horrible traffic on the return journey as i was just enjoying the car, the scenery and getting home in comfort - Time to clean the car now!!

And i would recommend Richard Hollings if you are in YORK, and need some MB love on your car ..... He even had some SLS beauties in his workshop ( And several SL55's ! )

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