The trials and tribulations of selling cars


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Nov 17, 2014
N Wales
Trying to sell my Merc and BMW (going thru an OCD moment!).

Reluctant sale of an original and limited edition SL55.

BMW 323Ci | eBay (Car isn't sold - the buyer didn't show up!!).

This is the latest so far:

Scam - "Living abroad, looking for a present for my father, will send shipping agent to buy it for cash, can I have your email, and bank details?"

Scam - "I'm in Helsinki, back on Friday, want the car, can you first send me pictures of every page of the V5 and your latest MoT please?"

I'll give you £12k for the Merc! (From someone on here?). Worth asking I suppose......

"I'd like to come down to see it on Friday - various emails later he finally asks me the day before he is due down - "Is the car petrol or diesel?" I tell him petrol (hello - a diesel SL55??). Not heard from him since....

Scam - Hi can you send me the reg number, V5 details and list of all the MoT's please?

Scam - where do you live, can you get it taxed and MoT'd (5 months remaining on BMW) and I will come up to view it and test drive it.

I'll give you £2500 for the BMW.

What happened to the good old days when life was so simple and most people were honest?

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