The very best customer experience from a garage

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Oct 15, 2016
Louth, Lincolnshire
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Today I turned up at my very popular local garage in Ashford at 07:30 optimistic that they would squeeze me asap for the MOT I was missing, so I could also get the Road Tax I was missing :wallbash: They did the MOT right away - no advisories - and they did it for free! and we were out on our way up to Lincolnshire making our 12:30 appointment. Disaster averted. Result!

There's a bit of back story to this as you might have guessed as you've read this far . Sorry, it ended up a long one....

In October they'd performed a full service and number plate replacement (mine were a bit worn and I wanted the blue county part on then) for £25. I'd checked before they'd clear the service warning indicator off and they said, yes, of course, they had the gear to do that. I asked after the service too and was reassured. All good driving off but forgot to notice they hadn't cleared the warning. But I was in a hurry and was on autopilot myself (and just cleared it as normal). When I realised, I thought, OK they forgot or didn't check, not the end of the world.
Fast forward a few days and I'm in Belgium and there is an announcement from site security that they've found a foreign number plate on the ground in the car park. You really don't want your number plates falling off in a foreign country....unless it's Scotland ). I realised that I'd driven it for a day without it. When I retrieved it I noticed what a sh*t job was done to hold it on.
After visiting a car factors I did a careful job doing it properly.
Then I find oil dripping out of my car about half way down, it was clean and clear, so not from the sump and from the arcs when turning guessed it was the oil filter housing. Took it to a local garage and sure enough, it was and they charged me €70 for the labour. Again it was short notice in the morning and they had it done by mid day and I picked it up after work. All good now, but at this point I was not happy with the Ashford garage. I love that place, was the 3rd time I'd used them and their family business ethos, value for money, viewing window, WiFi and free coffee and exceptional customer service had won me over. But 3 things going wrong from that 1 service costing me time, money and peace-of-mind was just too much.
I find the main email and addressed it with "Attn: Garage Manager. Complaint of multiple issues with Full Service." Got a quick response back and an invite to talk on the phone from their general manager. On that call he offered me a refund on the expense I had, a check to the car all was well and my next service free. I accepted and next time I was back, my car was straight in without appointment on a busy day! More than just check the car, they provided the full service again from scratch! And with their most experienced mechanic. I said I'd email over the receipt from the Belgian garage, but it slipped my mind and a few months later, I still hadn't.

After coming back from Belgium yesterday I was shocked to see [1] a DVLA "Last Chance" notice for Road Tax. A quick online payment and the rejection because a current MOT could not be found on their system. Whoooops! On opening more mail I discovered the"Come and get your MOT done, its due soon). All was clear. I emailed the garage GM at 10pm saying if be at his garage at 07:30, which opened at 8, just to give myself every chance of getting this sorted out. I'd already booked a full schedule of house viewings in Lincolnshire and the first was at 12:30. Grrrr...but all my fault.

Having found all the MOT garage's in the area that opened 08:30 or earlier, ignoring Kwik-Fit and Halfords - I saved them into Google maps for a fast ring round of my intended garage couldn't accommodate.

Around at 07:30 the customer area was already active and I spotted a mechanic, Steve, that I recognised. I explained my predicament and asked for a huge favour to squeeze my car in early - they started work on the cars at 8am. He had a word with his boss, came back and said, "no problem, we'll do it now". At 07:30!!!

Elated, I know now all is good, the car is in good shape, an elated, phone the missus and 40 mind later all is done. I've had the pleasure of a nice double strength Netpresso and seeing all the (friendly, respectful) punters come in and all get a calm, professional and friendly reception. To top it off he said "No Charge"! And I recorded, saying I wouldn't be emailing them the paid invoice they said they'd cover.

Happy days. And the best customer experience I've ever had really.

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