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Aug 31, 2007
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What's the worst piece of driver activity you've seen? For some years, my personal worst was a woman on the A11 in East London who was polishing her shoes whilst driving. But i think it's just been beaten by a lady in a clio in Reading this afternoon who was dressing her daughter (aged about 4 I would guess) who was standing just behind the two front seats to allow this to happen, and mum having to twist around every few seconds to help arms through sleeves etc. Once dressed, the little girl dutifully climbed up into her car seat...

There was a jokey hanger in the back window - all pink and princessy saying 'VIP on Board':mad: :mad: :mad:
Mid aged lady messing with mobile phone whilst swaying from middle lane to fast lane on M6 :eek:
I see it day in day out on the M62, people with a phone in one hand and a coffee in the other, people shaving or reading books etc but the worst was about 2 weeks ago.
A woman in a transit van coming out of Tescos exit onto the main Halifax road. Phone in the right hand but holding it to her left ear while trying to look left and turn right. She dropped the phone and dissapeared under the dash to retrieve it.... without stopping. The guy in the Honda Civic was well impressed when his back end got stoved in.
I hope you acted as witness..
Doddery old woman driving the wrong way down the eastbound carriageway on the M180 in South Yorkshire. Re tests at 70 should be compulsory as well as eyesight and medical exams !
several years back, whilst navigating coventry ringroad at 05.30am ish: little old woman peering over the wheel GOING THE WRONG WAY on a roundabout. That certainly woke me up:eek:
A few years back a woman going round a roundabout in Motherwell who missed her exit and stopped and reversed back rather than going round again.:eek:
I saw someone get cut up on Laira Road, so the guy who got cut up pulled into other lane then got up very close to the side of the other car and almost bashed into him, then decided to cut him up and be infront. I was behind, just waiting for a fight or something!
has anybody noticed that all the bad driving outlined above is by females? apart from the female poster trying to even it up???

its just something I have noticed...
Probably just us males being biased. When men drive badly it's called being macho and getting moving.
Demonstrated that the police around the area are definitely not doing their job. :D
Obviously. They should be ticketing a lot more motorists, as this thread proves there are a lot of poor ones on the roads.;)
Obviously. They should be ticketing a lot more motorists, as this thread proves there are a lot of poor ones on the roads.;)

nope, your thinking too small, just ban women from driving, it would clear the roads up of bad drivers and then they can concentrate on kittens and cleaning - women - know your limits!!!

as this short educational film shows...
I can drive as well as any man, if not better....;) :devil: :D
I was passenger in a car this week traveling down the M1 And I'm watching the world go by,we pass this car that's in the middle lane and there was this woman finishing off what looked like her "cafe latte" she must have got from one of the service stations.

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