there goes my GTR and modding money!

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ricky s

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Feb 26, 2008
Wifey stumbled across this during the week, and there today goes my GTR dreaming, and any major modding for the 55K for the foreseeable future!:(
On the other hand, wife has new car, I have spare track day car,:pLOL, well in my dreams anyway!


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superb choice .. I just saw this car on the Used Car locator this morning.

it's at Ashford, right?

Good folks there.
Very nice indeed !!!
I hope you enjoy it!!!
What a stunner!!!
I can just see it now..........two 55's together side by side up the lavant straight :devil:
Very nice, Ricky!
I bet she's over the moon!
Looks lovely :rock:

His and hers 55's :rolleyes:
Check you two out! :D
I'm liking that your wife found/wants a bright red AMG - that's so cool :thumb:.
Thx for the kind words guys, Sean, yes it was at Ashford but I had it brought down to Brighton for us to view, think it was a great deal as you probably appreciate from viewing it today.

My wife lets me get away with murder spending on my E55 wise, out on Vmax and track days and car jolly events, I suppose its pay back time for me. Had thought a little SLK200, money left over for me to play with, but not to be, she is loving the new car. It's a nice looking car, 3 months old, 700 miles, 1 elderly private owner, (trying to get to the bottom of why the owner choked it in so early), quite a good spec comfort wise, no performance package, bar AMG steering wheel, but a real bargain, if you consider £40plusK a good spend on a car, did hesitate getting my hands out of my pockets to sign, but it's done, and as previously said, if the E55K breaks down on a trackday, I will take car no. 2. just like thunderbirds!LOL:D. albeit, might have to do it very sneakily!
I can take care of your money, if you have any left that is? I just need your account number, sort code and security number.:thumb:
lovely car Ricky, one lucky lady is your mrs! :)
Is it Hyacinth Red or Opal Red?

Anyway, perfect combination, I would choose it too :)
Yes, just checked Merc website. I was hoping someone ordered the other red as I'm curious how it looks on a car.
Thx for comments here, yes it's the plan old opal red, (which the wife really loves, and it does look quite good), not ideal agreed, would be nice to be metallic, but have inherited the rest of the spec on this car, really would have ordered the 10 spoke wheel option, also black ash over the burl interior trim, if I were blessed to be affording this car from new, but given it's age, and mileage, and the spec it has come with, I have a good deal I believe, even taxed till march 15. So the wife will enjoy the car, as will I if I can sneak it out now and then.:thumb:LOL
3 months old, 700 miles, 1 elderly private owner, (trying to get to the bottom of why the owner choked it in so early) !

Elderly owners have enough toilet problems without 400 bhp !! Might be one reason ??!
Nice car Ricky. No wonder the missus is pleased. That should be worth a few free passes this year.
Looks great mate they are really good fun and if we make it to a twisty track soon I would highly recommend taking it. I am sure she will a big smile on her face every time she gets in it .

Cmon Ricky stop hiding behind the wife!...There is no shame in a fella wanting an SLK:thumb:
Cracking find close to my ideal car.


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