Things to look out for on CLK55

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Nov 19, 2004
Hi peeps,

I am thinking of buying a 3(ish) year old CLK55 with up to 45k miles, as from what I can see they are a bit of a steal at the current prices.

Can anyone advise on things I should look for? Anything that might be getting a bit worn at that age that may be costly to repair in the near future? Anything that may have gone wrong and should have been replaced under warranty? And any ideas on the annual servicing/running costs?

I know its going to gobble fuel, but I get a petrol card from work so that takes away some of the pain, and my wife has a hybrid so that should counter the extra co2 that the clk55 will put out, so overall our carbon footprint will be avearge :p

Any help you can give will be much appreciated....


PS - I am thinking of a coupe, but may look at a convertible, especially as winter comes closer and hopefully the prices on those will fall further

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