Think I'm hearing noises??

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Feb 18, 2013
X253 - GLC 250d AMG Line Premium Plus
Just so I'm not losing the plot but I could swear my GLC 250D has started making what I can only describe as a whir noise on a cold start up.

It only lasts for the first 30 seconds or so of driving and only on a cold engine. It's pitch increases with engine speed.

The dealer changed the aux belt on Friday however I can still hear it?

Or can I?

Link to a short video. I can hear the whir noise after the 2nd rev of the engine. It's more noticeable on driving a slow speeds.

Any ideas or have I just gone nuts?
Spoke with the dealer again today on this noise...... Their take on it is the pre heat for the dpf filter on a cold start? Kneeling at the side of the car and reving the engine the noise does seem much loader under the car.

Sounded like a prop shaft going round but can't be that as the car is stationary in park.
TKvS said:
Welcome to Mercedes and paranoia, they go hand in hand! :thumb:

After the s205 suffered so many faults lots of them noise related I'm on edge
I feel your pain, I'm getting a very faint 'clunk' from what I think may be the prop shaft, I replaced the drop links, bushes etc, about 4 months ago, so, not a happy chappie!

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