Thinking of Buying Either CLK or new C Class - Any thoughts

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Jul 15, 2004

Happy New Year to everyone on this top forum!

I want to pick your brains about a potential new car purchase. My 3 year PCP is up on my 2006 Black W203 Advantgarde with Sports Pack which I had from new. I have done just under 20k in it - and I have a balloon of around 12k on it. Dealership said its worth about 10K. I have had a quote from Benz Finance to pay off over 3 years - and it comes out a bit less a month than I am paying now. Without wanting to go into the whole PCP debate again (as have just spent an hour reading the last debate) - I was aware of what would happen from the start and pretty much figured what the car would be worth in the current climate albeit a little less than originally figured. Anyway.. moving on... :crazy:

Now - I have always liked the new CLK Coupe (W209?) - couldnt really stretch to one 3 years ago - but now they are more attractively priced. I have seen one at my local stealership - CLK200 Kompressor Sports 08 plate - Full Leather, Parktronic, Tellur Silver, 5k on clock, ex demo, auto, 18" AMG Alloys and body kit, tyre pressure monitoring etc. They have got it selling at £21,849.

My question: is this a good price, what discount could i get, should i ask for zero deposit etc, lower APR? They have quoted me a figure of around £385 a month with £850 deposit. They have quoted around the monthly figure that I am paying now - and would be paying to keep my C Class. I would be looking to PCP this care once again as this arrangement suits me.

Next, I have grown to like the new C Class W204 Sports - I have seen an 08 model which the Dealership has quoted around the same money a month over 4 years (as its more expensive). The car is a black C180 Kompressor W204 Sports, same spec as my current C Class. This model is on at £23,490, 5K miles, with that part Artico / Material combo (which i am not keen on, although havent found many with full leather secondhand).

Does anyone have ideas as to what I should look out for, beware of, discounts I should ask for etc. The dealership have also said not to bother with the Repair & Maintenance contract I have currently on my next car - as its not worth it for the miles I do, which I can understand as the car has only had one service since new - although the next one is due in 1500 miles (for which I may have to pay for if my contract has ran out - and its a B Service).

My current C Class is due to be taxed, and is due for a new set of front tyres - alltold about £500 in the next month.

I am off to test drive a W204 C180K Sport and CLK200K 08 plates this afternoon. Will update later.

Any thoughts / wisdome would be greatly appreciated.


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There were (and perhaps still are?) some very good "sweetener" deals on the W204 C180K because that engine has just been superseded in the W204 by the new 1.6-litre unit in BlueEfficiency guise. That means you should expect a bigger than usual discount on a nearly new example. Take a look at the current edition of Autocar in your local reading room, err, supermarket, for details.

The difference in performance between the C180K and the C200K is pretty significant - for me, anyway - so select carefully. Enjoy your test drives!
Personally, I would prefer the regular C Class. Unless you KNOW for sure you will never need the advantage of 4 doors over 2, then go for the regular C Class. A much better long term prospect. Climbing into the restricted legroom rear seats in a CLK is not something many would relish.
As a BTB, as far as I am aware the 180 and 200 models are in the same VED tax bands.
The CLK will soon be discontinued. I would go for the W204.
I would go for the CLK because I love them, but taking what Phil has said about the engine being discontinued in the C, if you can knock them just below £20K with a decent finance package, then I think the C has it.
The CLK has a much better interior than the C Class, that's where you spend all your time driving, treat yourself.
It also comes with many features as standard that are extra on a C class, hence it is always dearer than a C.

The CLK has a much better interior than the C Class, that's where you spend all your time driving, treat yourself.
It also comes with many features as standard that are extra on a C class, hence it is always dearer than a C.


i think the C would have more of a new MB era feel to it than the CLK and as previously mentioend, the W209 CLK will be the previous shape very soon.

I'd go for the C personally
I went for the W204 - to facilitate the transport of 2 children, a previous car was a 55 plate CLK - Both diesel (I know your considering petrol). Both cars are smashing and the interior on both are good quality. Apart from needing 4 doors, we chose a W204 because it's styling seemed bang up to date and very handsome. We wondered if the CLK would drop in value more quickly when the model is replaced.

I think that £23,950 is a lot more than you should pay for an 08 C180k. In mid October, our 58 plate pre-reg was £25k. Its a C220CDi Sport, Auto, full heated leather, parktronic, 18in AMG wheels with 26 miles and a few other bits and pieces (oh yeah and cupholder!). Realistically, I doubt we could sell it easily for more than £20k today.
I think CLK still beats the new C-class in looks. Cracking desing and turning heads guaranteed every time . So many C-class around but not many CLKs. Live you dream with CLK. I looked in to C and ended up buying CLK240 V6 sat nav , heated seats all elec. etc. Love it.
I don't like the look of C from behind but again personal choice.
SO what did you decide on, discodom?

I'm just starting my second month in my W204 C220CDi Sport. Main issue is the firm ride due to low profile tyres, 17" wheels. Comments about the plasticky interior are right IMO.

My decision was....

The CLK.

I have bought an 08 CLK200 Kompressor Sport with 5k on the clock. Its in Cubanite Silver, comes with Parktronic, telephone pre-wiring, full black leather and lots of little bits. I managed to knock about 1k off it in the end - got 3 years warranty, MetalMate on the alloys. It was an ex demo. I am due to go and see it this afternoon - as it has been delivered.

I have always loved the CLK Sport with the AMG kit and alloys - and whilst I like the C Class Sport - I want to live the dream whilst I can get a decent CLK for reasonable money. I can get a C Class in 3 years time maybe.

I test drove a CLK200 K Advantgarde and a new C180K Elegance. The C Class was a very smooth ride, less body roll than my W203. The interior is ok - I quite liked the dashboard. Engine felt as good as mine, brakes nice and firm - like mine it revved to the max when kicking down (which wasnt the case in the C200K...this seemed to change a lot quicker). I liked the feel of the CLK - visibility out of the pillarless windows - and I much preferred the interior.

What put me off a little bit in the C Class was the partial leather seats, didnt like them, I would have to have full leather. I didnt see many second hand models with full leather, obviously this an extra most peeps may not want to shell out for I suppose. They did have a stunning example in the showroom in Calcite white - with full black leather - fairly loaded - it did look lovely - but white!! I like white - but the missus werent too keen. I did see a white CLK - looked equally as stunning.

I didnt really notice much difference in the power of the CLK200 against the C180K - 150bhp vs 184bhp - suppose its not a huge amount - 0-60 supposedly 1 second quicker...


The clk is to be replaced later this year but certain you already aware of this.

It has a etter interior than the saloon, esepcially if you have the Avtg model, leather/etc.

However, the new C class, sports was out of my price league last year, could afford the standard but chose the Avgt w203. All being well, will buy the sports version next year........look good in & out, better drive
Hi Discodom,

Congrats on your purchase. Just one word of warning on the AMG kit.

The front sits much lower so be careful on low kerbs. I only had my CLK for 1 week and tore the front spoiler off in a parking space in work that I had used for 10 years - ouch.
And I'll not be doing that again...

Enjoy your new car
I got to see and drive it last night

I went to the dealership last night and saw it for the first time and got to take it for a spin (to the local garage where they filled the tank for me) :D

The Cubanite colour is really nice. Black leather interior with Comfort Seats - now I thought these were like the partial electric, but they turned out to be a series of little switches on both front seats that pumped certain bits of the seat up and down - almost like lumbar support etc. Really nice - made you feel rock solid in the seat - I could see these being handy for long distances. I was marginally disappointed it didnt have partial electric seats, but this extra function more than make up for it. It also has auto fold on the wingmirrors which i was chuffed to see.

The interior is mint, nice dash - although the temperature and fuel guages look quite retro - dont look as easy to work out as mine currently. I need to get a blue tooth cradle for it now - as it is pre-wired.

So we took off - I put it into Manual mode to play with the flappy paddle gearbox - have never used these before. I liked it - quite fun and weird at the same time - defo gonna have fun with these. I did it find that the car was a lot quicker on the pickup at higher revs than my current car - espesh in manual mode.

The car looks great - i took piccys of it. There was tiny lil scratch on one of the rear AMG alloys which they will look at for me. They are going to service it as well - as it is due an A service in 3250 miles - so managed to get that thrown in :D Cant wait to get it.

Thanks for the word of warning MSG2004 about the AMG kit - it does look quite low. How much have services been costing on yours?


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