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Feb 14, 2018
220 CLS Shooting Brake & 350 SL
Well I suppose you could say on this day one year ago I took my first step towards Mercedes ownership for the first time, Why ?

While I was on my way to get my Jaguar XF MOT’d I was involved in a serious accident just outside my village. I was hit by a VW Polo which obliterated the entire drivers side and partially destroyed the rear suspension. There was also structural damage to the sill area and upper body so my treasured XF was now a category B write off.

Rather sad as the car had just been fitted with four new doors a few weeks earlier after a long fight with Jaguar to cover the costs. Both front doors were corroded right through at just over 40k miles.
The Polo BTW lives on as it still shows as being taxed on the DVLA site.

We had planned to replace the XF with a Discover Sport but after the poor dealer service from Jaguar and with Jaguar Cars dalliance with the doors I simply couldn’t return to the marque I once aspired to own.

After looking at Audi, BMW and Volvo along with Mercedes of course we finally settled on our CLS Shooting Brake and just love it. After spotting one on the M6 coming home one day I thought, that was rather nice so a few days later we visited the MB Dealership in Giffnock to view a 14 plate model with 30k on the clock.

We were almost at point of sale when I discovered it didn’t have heated seats which to be honest I was surprised as in our climate this is almost an essential. We were then offered a 15 plate but that had an all black interior which again did not suit us then finally offered a pre registered 220 AMG design model in Obsidian Black with Ivory trim and had done a mere 700 miles.

After some discussion the missus and I decided to Learn to ski ! That’s Spend Kids Inheritance so with the discount offered we became owners of our very first Mercedes.

We’ve had the car approx 10 months now, in fact the VED reminder popped through the letterbox this morning which at £140 for the year is much cheaper than the 3.0 XF.

The CLS has been virtually faultless, ok the alarm went off on its own and was rectified promptly and yesterday I had the car back into MB to rectify a squeak on the tailgate when opening and the convenience locking which turned out that I wasn’t pointing the key to the sensor. Although the locking is radio operated the convenience locking is infra red operated. Now I know!

Moving from a twin turbo 3.0D XF to. 2.1 turbo Mercedes was a decision we made in view of what’s happening with diesels at the moment but quite frankly with the CLS you could barely tell the difference.
We also tow a caravan, a Coachman ViP and again the difference is hardly noticed, in fact the missus says the the CLS is much smoother on the road when towing.

The CLS is a real stunner and with the “Estate” model with the privacy glass which ours has looks very sporty. It is also quite an exclusive car on the road as you could drive for days on end without ever seeing another one. We’ve covered 7500 miles now so I suppose the car is now “run in”
I love the car so much I added another one almost identical but smaller, much smaller, yes it’s a 1/18 scale model by Norev in the same Obsidian Black and the detail on this model is amazing. It joins my collection of Franklin Mint Rolls Royce and a few others which include a large scale Jaguar XJ 220. Boy’s with their toys indeed.
I’m off now to finish up tidying up a Mini, one of the real ones of course.
They are lovely looking cars! I’m glad you are pleased with your choice! I love the CLS but Mrs T is not keen. To each their own! Me, I love them!

I married a BMW fan girl! We’ve had a 3 series in the past but I’d never have another BM. I hated our 320d but maybe we had a Friday car. Either way, MB for me!

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