This place is an ocean of sanity compared to

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Charles Morgan

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Feb 2, 2010
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this Pokemon thread.
Which beggars the question. As in # 6 what were you doing on there? :dk:

Yellowducky is behind bars in my concentration camp.
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Do Pokemons slip and slither about without winter tyres? And what about if it has the 6.3 V8 engine?:confused:
These guys are prob major players in the city, suppose it makes a change to leather and an orange in the mouth!!
These guys are prob major players in the city

Perhaps, but only if that's where their school playground happens to be.

I have to admire the tedious tenacity of the two protagonists, and the fact that their posts are actually quite well written and constructed (save for a distinct lack of punctuation marks). I get the impression it was all rather tongue-in-cheek, and the administrator is clearly a joyless soul for cutting them off in their prime. I'm sure they had at least another couple of pages in them.
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