Thule Roof Bars and Cycle Carriers

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Aug 22, 2010
I bought these last years and never got round to using them before selling the car. As my new car now has a tow bar, I am looking to sell the whole set so I can buy a tow bar mounted cycle carrier.

Check here if you are unsure if any of the parts will fit your car: Thule Fitting Guide

OK, here is what I have. All components listed are compatible with each other and are all brand new and never used....

Bicycle Carriers:
2x Thule ProRide 591 Bicycle Carriers (Thule ProRide 591 Roof Mounted Bike Carrier - Tesco.Direct)

These will pretty much fit any roof bar.


Roof Bars:
Thule 757 footpack (x4)
This footpack will pretty much fit most cars that have roof rails.

Thule 861 Aero bars 120cm in length (x2) (note these are the more expensive aerodynamically styled bars)

Thule 757 Foot Pack And 861 Roof Bars Full Kit Lockable: Car & Motorbike


Matching Thule Locks:

I have 8 matching Thule Locks, enough to replace the existing locks on the roof bars and 2x bike carriers so that all locks match and you only need one key to lock/unlock all the components I have listed.
Halfords | Thule Roof Bar Locks 544 (Optional)


The approximate retail price of the parts above is:
Thule ProRide 591 bicycle carrier: £95 each
Thule Aerobars and feet: £132
Thule Matching Locks: £20 per set of 4

The whole set is worth £362

I would prefer to sell the whole set together but would be willing to split into four packages, the roof bars, the cycle carriers and 2x sets of 4 locks. Asking prices below:

Complete Set (Roof bars/Feet, 2x Cycle Carriers and 8 matching locks): £362 £250

Roof Bar set only: £132 £115

2x Cycle Carrier set: £190 £140

4x matching locks: £20 £15

4x matching locks: £20 £15

Remember, all the above are brand new and never used.

Note: All prices exclude postage. Free pickup can be arranged from either North London or Watford.
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