Tick...tick...tick...on cold start-up

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Apr 22, 2005
Surrey, UK
V230, 300TE
When starting my 300TE (12V) first thing in the morning, it makes a slight continious tick...tick...tick...tick noise for a few seconds (about 3-5 secs) until the oil pressure needle hits the top and then quietens to normal tickover........is this due to low oil pressure at start-up? Any cure?
Just a sticky hydralic tappet. Nothing to worry about imho.
Try flushing the engine with flushing oil and filling with new oil and filter.
Could it be the air purge valve?
Could be. The best diagnostic tool for this type of noise is an engine stethoscope.
I once traced a noise that sounded like a big end gone, down to a worn alternator bearing transmitting through the block.
My 24v does exactly the same thing, I think it's probably due to the valve lifters being starved of oil until pressure rises. Nothing to worry about.
I thought mine was a tappet, tapw when cold for a few seconds and then went quiet - its a blown exhaust manifold gasket :)

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