Tips on selling 1993 300SL?

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Chris H 300SL

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Oct 14, 2014
Mercedes 300SL and Daimler XJ40
After owning for a year and barely being used I have decided to sell my 1993 300SL. Wasted too much time and money on Autotrader with downright rude people and ridiculous offers. Car is clean and rust free, everything works and I have the original hardtop so I refuse to give the old girl away for a silly price.
Therefore I wondered if anyone has any tips on where is best to advertise from? I'm a newbie here (joined this time last year when I bought the car) so unfortunately can't use the Classified area to advertise.
You could try eBay, list it at a starting bid of 99p with a fixed reserve at the minimum you are willing to accept, and see how it goes. I've used this method a few times with good results...
Whats the mileage, colour, spec etc and how much are you looking to sell it for?

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