To Command or Not to Command

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Sep 5, 2010
That is the Question...
So in conjunction with another post of mine, could someone tell me what is the matter with the original Merc head units, i see words like Command, NT/NTG, etc being used What are the differences?.

Also i read about adding a Bluetooth unit to them, Can't they use Bluetooth ?

Is there a idiots guide to all of this, there has to be a reason nobody wants to use them.

Please me know

Many thanks , Rich

ps My car is a 2010 W164 350 V6 Diesel
Audio20 is the name of a family of entry level infotainment systems fitted to MB cars, and these units have no built in navigation (though navigation can be added via an external module).

COMAND is the name of a family of high-end infotainment systems, and these include built in navigation system.
NTG denotes the model of the unit, and it is used for both Audio20 and COMAND.

Generally, the higher the NTG number, the newer the model.

For example, your car will likely have NTG4. Later models had NTG4.5. The current version is NTG7, with NTG8 due to be released next year.
Also, it's not that 'nobody wants to use them', it's just that electronics advance much faster than mechanics.

The engine and transmission fitted to your 13 years old car are still considered quite modern, but the 13 years old infotainment system, not so much. Think if a 13 years old iPhone or laptop - most people will fall in the category of 'nobody wants to use them'. These are all systems that were great when first introduced, but become obsolete quite quickly.
. . . although my NTG3.5 still does everything I want it to . .

But then maybe I'm not difficult ;)

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