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    Jun 16, 2008
    E320 CDI Sport
    My W211 has always had a little pull to the left. I recently had the front ball joints changed and the garage recommended having the wheel alignment redone. I took it to a local tyre place in place in Wembley that has a laser machine. £36 later I was told all is good and was sent on my way. I noticed right away that the car was pulling much more to the left and the steering wheel was off center too. Didn't have time to go back, nor did I have faith that they could fix it.

    Roll on a couple of months and this pull was really spoiling any driving pleasure to be had during my commute. Some google searching later I came across The Alignment Centre in Perivale, NW London. Gave them a call and described my symptoms, I was told to bring it in and it would be sorted. Took my car to them this morning and it was up on their Hunter alignment machine in no time. They adjust the front and rear settings and then rechecked everything. Took it for a test drive, made some minor adjustments, drove it again and the car was given a clean bill of health. Paid what I think is a very reasonable sum and drove home. Instantly you could feel the difference and now I'm very pleased to report the car drives straight as an arrow.

    Simon who did the work really knows his stuff. He let me know how things were going as I was hanging around the garage rather than being sat in the waiting room.

    I can highly recommend these guys. If you are in the NW/W London area don't waste your money on £30 front wheel 'alignment'. Get it done properly here.

    The Alignment Centre - Home
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    Jul 13, 2003
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    Huh. I thought only Wheels in Motion, could sort this...
  3. neilrr

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    Jul 20, 2004
    Live & learn.

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