Tony Purslow Basingstoke - High Praise

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Rose Chap

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Mar 16, 2005
Lexus GS450h
I've reported good things about these guys before, but I have reason to be impressed again.

Recently I started getting an odd feeling through my steering. I contacted Purslows who ventured a few ideas about what it might be and promptly dispatched a chap 20 miles from their dealership to my office.

He spent probably half an hour with his head under the bonnet following a brief test drive, and managed to cure the problem (a lack of power steering fluid).

When I called the dealership to find out what I owed them I was told that there was "no charge Sir", just to remember them next time I needed a service.

With service like that you bet your life I will! So, Tony Purslow Basingstoke, highly recommended.
Indeed, they've been superb in the time I've been using them, had a courtesy call last week because neither of the cars have been in for a while.

Had to break the bad news that both Mercs are going shortly, and sadly they don't service Audi's!
They are not local enought to me BUT I was willing to give them ago but their quote for a B Service was no way as good as Greenoaks who even did a good job (not often I have had praise for them).
A rare couple of black marks against these guys.

I'm having an investigation done of my gearbox today and rather than the promised E Class courtesy car, a manual diesel A Class has appeared in its place. I wouldn't normally mind but I made a point of saying no to an A Class when I booked this work and I definitely don't want a manual.

Also, they were supposed to do some work when I had it serviced a few weeks ago and forgot - hence another reason why they need it.

I'll keep you all posted as to how both of these items develop.
Sounds like a rare slip up on their behalf, but could it be the start of a slippery slope? How they deal with this will be indicative...
Sorry, meant to update this a while ago.

I was incredibly umimpressed with the A Class courtesy car when I had booked an E, and after one day with the thing was ready to demand either something better or my car back. However, I didn't have to as after one day they had fixed the problem and my car was back to me clean and shiny.

The other part they missed first time can be chalked up to human error which I am happy to not make a big deal of - its sorted now and that's the main thing.
TBH, I couldn't comment on courtesy cars, as either the work was done while I waited, or they dropped me into my old office in the centre of Basingstoke and picked me up again afterwards.
I got a facleift E280 CDI Sport off them when I didn't originally ask for a courtesy car :D

My W203 was in for an A service, when we discovered it needed some additional work under warranty (oil seal and suspension springs). As I didn't have a courtesy car and I didn't want to bring it back in they arranged the E Class loan within a few minutes to keep me mobile...

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