Top gear interweb reminder 8pm

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Fantastic. So very little else makes me howl out loud like TG. Another corker so far.
Busy working, but have Sky+ it.
Excellent show :D

Loved the Audi, wonderful sound :D
this one was great.
No need to take the mic with plato though.
he just lost the BTCC and he was hurt as well.

why does audi not colour code those side vents?
they look horrible like some massive ear guards for some roadside worker.
Will agree with recycled on the side vents, uck!

Also bad taste to take the p!ss out of Plato, brave drive and was in great pain.
The boys are back in buisness and up to there usual tricks, great episode :D
was the smoking on the set legal?

BTW did anyone see mike brewer on BTCC in platos garage
goes back to the driven days with mallory.
surprised may did not stick up for plato as he was in driven as well.
Oh well. new bosses now i guess.
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It keeps filling up as fast as I empty it :confused::confused:

That's what comes of being so popular! Thanks Malcolm

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