Top gear reminder 8pm

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Yup should be a good one with James in a GL-Class !
Done - Sky+ set too :bannana:
BSLBILPSBIPSI goes my PDA. with a jet pack on rollerskates :eek:
PMSL - I'm sure Matt will be delighted that had he faced that challenge he too could have beaten a man on roller skates :D :D
Brilliant as ever - very entertaining:D

Loved Simon Cowell - although I do wish he'd made a hash of his lap :rolleyes:
never understood the post about the bus picture until now.
That end made no sense. I suppose James walked leisurely from his parking bay...
That was a wind-up, a "new" ending to save the face of Top Gear. Can't have a bike beating the car!! :D
Some one pointed it out to me, otherwise I would not have noticed and I stared at that pic for ages

Ok, cards on the table...I was because the exhaust pipe was angled toward the bus bodywork, with the slogan making london safer...there I said it :eek:
Brilliant! The way Hammond was swearing constantly cracked me up so much, haha!!!

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