Top performance yet again

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Bryan Allman

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Apr 19, 2008
San Lorenzo Nuovo - Lazio, Italy
SLK55 (R172) 62.
I spent an hour this morning at Unique in Lightwater (the home of to have a new disk drive fitted to the Comand module in the SLK55.

I had previously had a five minute conversation with Mark (Alfie) on the phone to describe the symptoms (one radio station playing, no buttons working etc) and he told me immediately what is was and arranged for fitment this morning.

Needless to say, the fitting went entirely to schedule and one hour later I was able to drive away with all my previous settings retained, but with a fully working Comand system.

These guys are simply the best. Highly efficient, expert in their field and easy to deal with. Plus, as a MB Club member you get a discount :thumb:;):thumb:

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