Totally free CAP car valuations!

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Doesn't recognise my reg number.

I have to say I don't take much notice of these type of guides, a car is only worth what someone is prepared to pay....
My E class according to said website would be the cheapest S211 available today on any autotrader / piston heads etc web site if I put it up for that price by a huge margin. In fact it woud be cheap for the previous version...

I guess thats worse case price if I was Part exchanging it.

Its worth more to me anyway so while interesting I'm not too bothered :)
Lol, just tried my e220 on there,valued at £450 trade value which is almost double what I paid for it,the biggest shock was the price when new £29260 !!:eek:
MMM, CL600 with 32K miles..............£12K..............New £95K plus extras
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Yeah my CLK55 is apparently worth 2.5k, does seem a little cheap.

The valuations system (like every previous iteration of it) is sponsored by a car dealer (in this case vauxhall) and is designed for trade-in values only.
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Values my 97,000 mile 2003 C320 saloon at around £2500 as a trade in but trade in is a pointless figure as the cost to change is the only one of any importance,
Gulp - £6K for mine. The options when new cost more than that!
If you want some real fun, put in a few reg numbers from MB Direct web-site and compare p/ex with selling prices.

Very entertaining.
Glad you are all enjoying this - CAP are pretty reliable.

Ok so its not Glasses but hey its free!
£600-650 for my car which cost nearly 4 times that much when I bought her in Jan 2011:eek:
The values posted by Cap are complete rubbish particularly for specialist low volume cars.
People do realise that these are part exchange prices, right?
People do realise that these are part exchange prices, right?

CAP value on my wifes car is significantly lower than part ex prices I've recently (September) been offered by Merc and BMW.
It's more inline with cash offers we had from car buying places. That said its upto £450 (lower of the two figures) below 'valuations' we had from We buy any car, buyacar and £1,275 below a trade buyer our (car) broker recommended. :eek: Very low valuations so a very worst case scenario from my recent experiences.
says my sl60 amg is 5k, anyone want a sl60 amg for 5k?
says my sl60 amg is 5k, anyone want a sl60 amg for 5k?

You couldn't make it a bit cheaper for a fellow forum member?;)

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