Towbar fitting to c250 2014(64) without cutting bumper

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Sep 2, 2017
Mercedes c250
I wonder if anyone can help.

We have recently purchased a 2014 (64) new shape c250 AMG line blurtec and after adcice was told we could have a detachable swan neck fitted without any cutting to the bumper. Today we have had the fitter arrive to tell us it does need cutting and there are no other options.
We then spoke to another shop who were adamant it didn't need cutting and then after checking again said it does.

I am trying to find an option without wrecking the amg style bumper as we have bought a caravan so need a towbar.

We have been advised that there maybe a precut replacement valance that can be bought but Mercedes can't find it?!?

Any help would be great as we cannot collect our caravan until we have this sorted and I don't want a huge hole in the back of the bumper.

Thanks in advance.
How big is the hole which needs to be cut? Are you sure that the existing rear bumper hasn't already got the cut lines mounded into it?

We had to have the bumper cut on one of our cars, but the fitter followed the moulders cut lines and it looks like it was always meant to be that way.

Have you already checked the towing weights on the VIN plate to make sure you can legally tow?
Yes we can tow but the size of the cut is 8cm high and 21cm across which is massive - I am Trying to find alternatives that don't require a cut but struggling. What towbar do you have and is yours the latest model as apparently pre (64) it didn't need a cut.
Thanks for your response.

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