Tracking on my e220 amg

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Sep 25, 2019
South Yorkshire
2013 w212 amg sport
Hi. I’m wondering if someone knows about camber and toe because I have no idea.

I took my e220 amg sport for 4 wheel alignment as it was struggling to stay in a straight line. But the alignment has done nothing to the driving of the car. It follows the road all over. As soon as I hit a bump it bump steers off line. I’m constantly having to correct it to stay straight.

I’ve posted a picture of the print out they gave me of what they’ve done regarding the tracking if someone could tell me if it looks ok?


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I also forgot to say. On a newly laid road no pot holes i can take my hands off the steering wheel and it will stay straight. Old roads it’s horrendous for staying straight.
Critical information would be the Castor angle, but they haven't measured it. Typical error by many companies but without knowing the Castor position the report is worthless.
w212 front suspension

You will notice the front suspension upright 3 is held in position with 2 suspension arms 12 and 14 and the front strut 4 Wear in the ball joints, suspension arm bushes or strut top mount is going to effect castor angle. Castor is normally "fixed from factory" so any change is usually due to component wear or damage. W in M can probably suggest the most likely culprit for this.
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