Traded in the c class today!

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Jan 3, 2006
South West
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Hello all :D

Well I traded in my c class today in a spur of the moment change! For someone who doesn;t like BMWs my family are all laughing at me because of this:


It is such fun to drive and sounds fantastic I couldn't resist!

It has been a pleasure to have a mercedes but I just don't need the extra seats so I've gone back to a two seater!

Thanx for all the advice and help from members!

Good car. nice to see all the coolant has leaked out:D
i heard you need a back brace to drive it.
Tell us how it goes and enjoy
prefer 4 doors myself, good job we're all different eh? ;)

actually, I quite like BMWs and that looks like fun..

Haha thanx for that! Thats not really a good picture at all but its all I have. Gotta wait until friday when I pick her up :D
prefer 4 doors myself, good job we're all different eh? ;)


Do they make a 4 door Z4 ??:D :D

What's the engine & spec?
Its a straight 6 2.2 and is surprisingly quick considering the bhp. Its a nice mix of performance and economy IMO. :D
Looks like fun!

Hope you got a good deal on the MB.

Keep us posted on how you find it.


Good luck with the new car. I will now be looking out for Silver 'Z's.
I'm jealous. Nice stuff.
Nice car but I'd avoid GTGs if I were you, this is what happened last time:


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tudu I will still look out for you! I would love to see either of your cars!!! :D If you see a silver with red leather Z4 flashing you ;) thats me!!

Thanx defiant! I'm right excited!! :D
What is that picture from shude???
It is a pic I made based on another one I scanned in from a magazine a few years ago. A Chinese businessman had problems with his S-class and MB refused to fix it claiming he had used dodgy fuel so he smashed it up in public. Later two other people had similar problems so they joined him in smashing their cars up!

Here is the original :)


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That's a real smart looking car Mr Bigmacplease, enjoy the ride and drive carefully.....:devil:

Haha thats a class photoshop well done!!! :D

Thanx mw_C32 I will drive carefully ... ish!

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