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Discussion in 'Driving/Incidents/Roadrage' started by PhiliusM, Nov 12, 2015.

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    Feb 18, 2010
    I was stuck in a tailback this evening on the A3. Crawling along at between 4 and 10 MPH for 45 minutes, so over 5 more likely 10 miles of traffic. I expected to see a major incident. Nope, one car almost totally on the verge with a police car behind it with the nearside lane coned off for about 3 car lengths. The car wouldn't have been a problem to the traffic at all.

    Once past the obstacle everyone is accelerating away like a Grand Prix restart. We go around the corner and over the brow of a hill to discover two guys fixing a flatbed truck right in the middle of the nearside lane in the pitch dark. All you could see was the reflective strips on their Hi-Viz; No lights, nothing. The articulated lorry driver in front of me was very good. In the split second he had he got out to the outside lane and just missed them. I wonder how long they lasted?

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