TrakM8 GPRS tracking system F/S

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para alpha

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Jun 30, 2007
Aintree, Liverpool
C180 ESPRIT (w202)
I have a spare TrakM8 T2002 GPRS system with immobiliser. And All manuals on disk as from the factory.

All it requires is to be fitted by a competent person and a contract mobile phone SIM. Once activated, you will never worry about not finding your car if ever stolen!

Here is a link to the manufactures website.

This will show you all the features and benefits. I have done it this way to save on server space... I paid close on each £500 for the full kit (I bought 2)
I'm looking in the region of £350 for the spare set up I have. but I'm willing to have a chat with all interested parties....

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