Transmission Control Module - R230 Sl55 (2002)

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Jun 26, 2017
2002 SL55
Hi all, I'm hoping someone here can help me.

My 2002 SL55 has had a few slips out of 2nd gear, mostly when I've put my foot down hard. Speaking with an AMG mechanic, the most likely culprit is either the TCM or the control plate. I'm keen to replace the TCM as I don't believe the one in the car right now is even the correct one.

My first question is this. Am I looking for an A0325451032 or an A0325451532.
My second question is whether I can use a TCM that was in a CLS 55?

Also... does the TCM get programmed for a specific car - i.e. is the "15" or "10" version above not the only factor, but exactly which car it is programmed for? i.e. can different numbered units all work as long as they are programmed for an AMG 55?

Depending on the answer to the above, would any of the following be suitable for my car?

A0325451532 AUTOMATIC GEARBOX CONTROL UNIT / 144711 FOR MERCEDES CLASE SL W230 | eBay < this is a "15" as above which one person tells me is right
Mercedes-Benz S-Class Gearbox Control Module Unit S 320 Petrol 165kW (224 HP) | eBay < this is a "10" which another person tells me is right (though the listing suggests a different model)
Mercedes Benz R230 SL W211 E 55 AMG electronic transmission control unit | eBay < this one's a "35" which appears to be for an E55... would it work?

Any help would be most appreciated... I just want to make sure whatever I buy will at least be compatible, so I can at least rule out the TCM before going down the conductor plate route (I am sure the conductor plate was replaced 3 years ago, hence trying TCM first).

Thanks people... your help will be most appreciated!


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