Transmission oil coolant malfunction

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Nov 2, 2022
Mercedes c63
Hi I have a 2016 gts last week I went to start the car, and a message appears oil coolant malfunction.checked the manual and it says transmission coolant pump faulty. Had a new pump fitted,not by mercedes but by an independent garage.trouble is they cannot clear message. Car is running fine oil temperature is good so is coolant. They have been in touch with mercedes and they said check electrical but still can't clear it
Hi there, yes what they were doing was talking to a mercedes technician,he told them to check all electrical things.they put a scope on all the electrics and everything came back clear. Now the annoying bit. The mercedes tech said he would take over at his end and gain access to my car. As he was about to do so the garage where my cars at , their machine went down. Now waiting for a new machine to arrive. Thing is all my oil temperature is good so is overheating issues.
So you can still use the car as long as the oil and coolant temp is fine .I recon their machine was at fault. Let us know how things are later on .
You could be right. Thing I forgot to mention is that when the message appeared. It transmitted a high pitch sound like a radio wave,but slightly deeper. Since the new pump has been fitted that has disappeared

Cameandwent so what is the next step .Are you going to return to the garage when they have a new scanner? or pop in to a Mecedes dealership and ask them to cancel the codes for you ..tell them you just bought it with a code showing .And would they please cancel it for you.​

Problem with that is on the 2016 model , there was a recall concerning a driveshaft issue. A new driveshaft was put on at mercedes expense. And the mercedes garage near me done that in November and a software update. So they know the car. Also all the mercedes dealers around my area are under the lookers franchise. Which that one is. Have checked out a forum in America and their seems to be a few with the same issue. One came back with a small hole in the radiator, another was the pump, but the one that was of interest to me was that this person had a driveshaft fitted and after a short time he had the same warning. He was wondering if having the driveshaft replaced caused it . But nobody has come back with an answer
Mb world was the one with the driveshaft and the same problem as mine. Have been talking to mercedes today, and mentioned the driveshaft recall and asked if that maybe the problem. They said American versions are wired differently so to not take any notice of that.
I'm beginning to wonder if the problem ls with when I bought the car. I have had a few amgs in the past. When I bought the car to mercedes they said that's loud. When it went on the ramp it transpired that it had been decatted. After a bit of going toing and throwing,the person who I bought the car from.had to pay for new cat's to be put on £6,350 . I'm wondering if that might have something to do with the problem.although the straight pipes had been done professionally.
So I brought the car to mercedes, and they were unable to clear the warning message. They are now saying that it might be a electrical connection. That maybe there is a corroded or broken wire. This involves taking the seats and carpets out. Which they say is a 4 to 5 hour job.
So it just gets better.i have decided against mercedes taking the seats and carpets out because I wasn't happy in my head that it was a electrical issue. The car is at AMF auto motive paddock wood. I am so glad that I brought it there.with in half an hour Alex the owner found the problem. It turns out that a wrong pump has been fitted. But the best bit is that in November,the car has a recall concerning the propshaft. When Alex was under the car he noticed oil had sprayed onto the exhaust.on further investigation he noticed that when mercedes had fitted the propshaft they hadn't tightened the bolts he sent me a video showing me that they were only finger tight. It is purely luck that the propshaft, hadn't come off .it doesn't bear thinking about what could have happened if it had. I've been to mercedes and showed the manager. He turned white. I'm picking the car up next week, because Alex is away until then.mercedes want me to ring them when it's done. Be interesting to see what they come back with
Got the car back today, correct pump fitted which has got rid of the error message. But suprise, suprise. Alex had a good check over the work that had been carried out by mercedes. Low and behold when they removed the bellhouseing, yes you've guessed they had only finger tightened the bolts, on that as well.garage in question LOOKERS EASTBOURNE AVOID.
I am now seriously believing that my motor is jinxed. Tuesday the 14th may . Half a mile from home, a woman decides to pull out from a side road without looking. Result, damaged passenger door, scuffed wing, scuffed sill, scuffed rear arch, damaged left rear wheel. She was leaving work from a garage that she works for . Related to the owner. Thankfully she has admitted full liability. I got in touch with my insurance company,and nothing came up insurance wise with her car . I thought great this is all I need. On the Wednesday the owner of the garage asked me to cancel my claim, and they would sort it. I was a bit dubious about it. But after a lengthy discussion I agreed. He's booked me in with the top body repair garage in the area. The door alone is £7,350 it's going through his motor trade insurance.
Got the car back from mercedes today. I was advised by Alex to bring it to them. To check over their work. I insisted that I should be in their work bay when this was going on, which they agreed to reluctantly. When they took the under trays of I could see one nut right at the bottom end of the bellhouseing, ready to fall off. Everything is now as it should be. I have a b1 service in a month's time , which they are going to do for free. Hopefully they get that right.

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