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Aug 9, 2006
Thorpe Bay
When I used a TomTom they had a marvellous application that allowed you to access the TomTom unit from your PC. You could plan routes from the comfort of your home and then simply transport the unit to the car for the journey. I had a Bluetooth connection to my TomTom so I didn't even have to take the unit out of the car as my car sits by my study window.

Wouldn't it be great if Blaupunkt did something similar with Travelpilot? You could load the CD or DVD on your PC, and plan a route. Without a Bluetooth link to COMAND it would be impossible to save planned routes to COMAND but at least you could plan and review routes before travel and know what parameters to enter into COMAND when you did get in the car.
My comand has bluetooth for headphones - surely this could be used to receive data ... trouble is where would one store it as I have no hard drive unit -- the dvd is write protected and I am sure the comand unit doesnt have a write facility - ROM.

Pity there isnt a USB connector to Comand that allows data to be read and added to the mapping enroute...but then I daresay that would need more ram memory and upgraded software ..
The current Comand has all this capability. In the US they can send route plans from the internet, I understand it works through their Tele-Aid.

Now if Tele-Aid can feed Comand with the route plan info, it would not be a big difference to feed that via BT or the cell phone. Perhaps we see it with the W222.

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