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Sep 15, 2015
East Yorkshire
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As a new member to the forum I'd like to know if there are any upcoming events to go to over the next couple of months or has the time now passed due to the colder weather coming in?
Any local meets to the Yorkshire area? There was a small get together for a drive on the dales over on the Private Lounge forum recently but due to being away with work I could not make it. Anything north east/Yorkshire happening?

Also are there any European road trips planned for next year or anyone fancy going on one? Me and a friend who has a Porsche are thinking of doing one in 2016 but it would be good to get a few more cars involved.


I would recommend getting over to Europe.

We just came back from spa, the nurburgring and Amsterdam in £500 cars

Im organising a run down the stelvio pass with a few friends in £700 cars for 2016.

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