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Discussion in 'Electronics' started by bogcaster, Feb 26, 2012.

  1. bogcaster

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    Sep 22, 2009
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    Not what it turns out to be.....

    After much contemplation, I bought a Dynavin unit from Ttints in Luton. I even went to see them beforehand. Its a great setup. They were nice as rain as well. They have a well setup industrial unit outlet with a clean, spacious demo area, reasonable web site and a presence on eBay.

    Anyway, after ordering, they forgot the can bus interface module. Then it wasn't reliable over 2 days use - had to reset twice and had sat nav lockup on me. And slow to respond. They said it was teething problems with software. I asked for software update as I did like the oem look. They acknowledged there were features! They declined. I asked for full refund, they wanted 50 pounds restocking fee.

    I said that the product did not meet standard as well as them not complying with distance selling regs. He hung up on me. He then emailed me and said he had a bad morning and offered 30 pounds. Nothing arrived!

    I sent him a recorded letter on continued advice from consumer direct and it got rejected - twice! They declined to receive it. It was confirmed to me that they had already been reported to trading tankards.

    So, I guess it's back to the usual story of... If its too good to be true... It probably is. Bad product coupled with Bad and rude service.

    Now i have a long software and testing background. Its clear to me that the system has been rapidly integrated together with out sufficient thought to upfront design and post integration testing. How Dynavin thought they could mass produce them and get them on the market is beyond me.

    I am sure some people are really happy with it but I am going to go with a reputable manufacturer. I rather pay twice as much for something that works, rather than jut looks good.

    Ramble over and 50 pound lighter........
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  2. gIzzE

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    Mate put one in his car and said it sounded like ****e too, he took his out after a couple of weeks.

    Shame, great concept but done on the cheap.

    I really don't know why Pioneer, Alpine et al don't just make a double din unit with changeable fascias that match the brands, people would pay decent money for that.
    If they offered the whole thing for £1200 (so around £400 more than the standard Pioneer F30BT) I think they would sell loads.
  3. davidjpowell

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    Nov 8, 2007
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    I've never bought one of these, but did buy a double din chinese stereo to go in my Saab when I had it. Pain to fit, and never worked right. It was removed fairly quickly.

    Buy cheap, buy twice.:doh:
  4. Sooty_uk

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    Jan 10, 2012
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    I bought a kit from the same people... Installed it myself after about a day I took it out as I thought it was pants!
    Mine was missing the control module too and was a mission trying to get them to send me out a replacement I had to go down and pick one up.

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