Tyre advice please

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Nov 21, 2016
Fraser's Hill, Malaysia
Mercedes C200 Estate / Mercedes E250
My car is the Mercedes c class c200 s203 2001 estate. I am currently running 18inch wheels and continental mc5 tyres, this was the original combination when i bought the car.
The current tyres I recently put on in Jan this year because i followed what was already on the car and now the car has barely done 20K kilometres but the tyres are looking close to the wear indicators already. These tyres wear really fast so I am looking to down size my rims to 17 inch and change tyre brand.
Can anyone give some recommendations for decent wear and quiet sound? The sound level is important to me but I want better wear than the Continental MC5 are giving me.
Any suggestion welcome please?
As a general rule, Michelin tyres tend to be quiet, grip well, and last well.
Surprised the Continental's are losing thread that quickly unless you like some spirited driving.

Is the ware on one side of the tyre? As I did have a similar issue with my E350 in the past . The tracking was out on the rear which was causing tyres to lose thread. Quick reset of the tracking solved it.
Is it also worth considering that tyres available in the UK are not necessarily available in Malaysia (and vice versa)?

Perhaps the Continentals are not an appropriate compound for the warmer conditions there?
Thank you for the input guys I live in the mountain areas central Malaysia and the roads are very windy so i guess this attributes to the wear.
I was impressed with the grip of the MC5's but was not impressed with the wear.
I will look for Michelins next time.
I am also looking to go down from 18 inch to 17inch rims.Does anyone have any thoughts on this. I am interested to hear what you think I will benefit or loss by this change.


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