Tyre advice W212 saloon 220 CDI

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Aug 25, 2015
2011 E220 CDI
Hi guys,

I am not sure if this has been covered before... I will soon need to change the rear tyres on my W212 saloon but I'm not sure what to do. Their size is 245/45/17 and I have Hankooks MO in 95W. I am of the opinion that they haven't lasted too long (around 25-26,000 km) and I am thinking of replacing them with 99Y's. The manual says that for this tyre size you can use 95W (on saloons) and 99Y (on estates), but you can use 99Y MOE also if you have a tyre pressure monitoring system or a tyre pressure loss warning system (which my car has). Would you recommend using 99Y's ? And also what brand? (I would stick with the MO marked tyres). I have Contis 5s MO on the front and they have plenty of thread left. I used Hankook and GoodYears in the past on other cars and I was quite happy with them, however the Hankooks have let me down on the Merc...
I am looking for advice/opinions from other more experienced Mercedes owners than me.

Thank you all

PS Mods feel free to move the thread if I post it in the wrong place :confused:
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