Tyre ruined


Jan 26, 2003
South Yorkshire
2011 C180 Sport
My car had a puncture on the front o/side last week. I noticed it as soon as I reversed out of my space at work while going out to lunch. I put on the spare, and took the wheel to the tyre fitters round the corner, who said a repair should be no problem, so I left the wheel with them and returned after work, and they refitted the wheel.

Whilst washing the car this morning, I noticed that the same front tyre was low, and with water on the wheel, bubbles were appearing on the edge of the rim.

I decided immediately to take the car to the tyre fitters again (luckly them have another depot just round the corner from my home) who said thy could just take the tyre off and refit, making sure it was all clean etc.

However, on removing the tyre, they found that an inner lower piece of the sidewall that sits behind the rim was badly damaged, torn in fact, and said it could have only happened whilst removing / fitting the tyre. So basically it is kn@ckered.

If it had been my steels or my wife's car I would'nt have minded, but I am running 18" alloys, and it was a Goodyear F1 225/40 x 18. Not cheap!

They could'nt do anything until they spoke to the other branch manager, who's not back till Monday, which would have left me with 3 wheels on my wagon. Luckily, I had another same size tyre in my garage, so they have fitted that to get me back on the road, but it is a different make tyre, and the car feels odd now.

Luckily it was'nt a rear cos they are 235/40 x 18 continentals, and i don't have another tyre that size!

I will update you on how I get on on Monday.


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Jun 1, 2002
W168, W169 & S202
any news?

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