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    Feb 2, 2017
    Mercedes e320 cdi sport
    Ok I'm having some issues with the correct tyre wall size to match front to back without any rubbing issues, I currently have a 245 35 19 front on 8.5j and rear is 275 35 19 on a 9.5j, my problem if you haven't already guessed is the huge tyre wall on the rear its terrible and ugly! So my question is does anyone have a 211 they have lowered and fit a 285 30 19 on the rear without any rubbing? The 275 35's are literally just under the arch can't fit a finger under there but not rubbing, if I go to a 265 30 19 which I don't mind doing but with some spirited driving/power slides the tyre used to lean on the rim and leave a tyre mark, it cleans off it's just not ideal, plus I'd have to replace the fonts with 235 35 19 aswell, and after just spending nearly £750 on 4 p zeros i really want to avoid that if possible and only change the rear, so basically can you fit a 285 on the rear of a lowered 211 or do I have to replace all four tyres to compensate the current ride height?

    Thank you.

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