Tyres and wheels clearout

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Jan 23, 2005
the wilds of Lancashire
2006 SL 350
Having traded up the SLK for a nice shiny SL, I have the following that I no longer need :

Set of 4 ‘Pictor’ style 7 spoke alloys. The attached pics show the style. They are a staggered set of 2 off 7J * 16, ET 37 (part no A1704010202) and 2 off 8J * 16, ET 30 (part no A1704010302), fitted with Goodyear Eagle Ultra Grip GW3 M+S ‘cold weather’ tyres, 92H rated with mountain/snowflake symbol. These tyres are directional (but not asymmetric), give superb grip and for a M+S tyre are very quiet. They’ve been used for the past 3 winters and have done about 12000 miles. The fronts have 6.5 - 7 mm tread left and the rears 7.5 - 8 mm. Wear is even across and around the tyres.
The rims are secondhand (ex SLK), about 10 years old and have been refurbished by Pristene 4 years ago. All four are now showing some slight bubbling at the inner rim edge and some very minor bubbling close the centre cap holes and inside the bolt recesses (which is almost impossible to see with a centre cap and/or bolts in place). Otherwise, the outer faces of the fronts (7Js) are slightly stained (with brake dust) and grubby, but blemish free. The rears are fine.
As far as I know these will fit any (R 170) SLK, and I think CLKs and many C class.
They cost me an arm and a leg to buy, refurb and fit with tyres, so grab yourself a bargain for the winter at £250 ono. Collection preferred. Location is close to J26 M6. A meet halfway is also possibility.

Also, 2 off ‘Lucida’ 6 spoke, polished alloys 7J * 16, ET 37 ( part no A1704011102) fitted with Dunlop SP Sport 2000 tyres. These are completely unmarked, brand new rims and brand new tyres, less than 3 months old and have been on the car less than 2000 miles. The attached pic speaks for itself.
These new rims and tyres stand me at about £400 – yours for £250. Again, collection preferred, but halfway meet possible.

And finally, free to anyone who wants them and can collect only, 2 off Pirelli P Zero 225 * 50 * 16 tyres, well used but with about 4 mm tread.

Anyone interested, PM me with an e mail address and I’ll send some more pics showing more detail – about 25 pics in all.

Finally, can anyone positively identify the 5 spoke wheel style fitted as standard to the SL350 ? I think it’s called ‘Avior’ but am not sure. Does anyone have a set of these – 8.5 J * 17, ET 35. If not does anyone have any other wheels this size (and suitable for 14 mm bolts) ? If so I may be interested. Maybe even a swap of some kind.




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Is no one interested then ? I'll consider offers.

Does no one fit cold weather tyres on a set of less than perfect rims over the winter ? If nothing else, it keeps the original wheels in better nick, and the tyres are a definite plus point.

And two brand new wheels and tyres for £250 - that's almost BOGOF.


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